Manuel Pompeia

Let’s meet!


It allows me to understand your expectations regarding your special day and to get to know each other, so that you may feel you have a friend arriving to photograph your wedding day instead of a total stranger.


During the wedding day I make sure that the photos are about the day, not vice versa. I am usually seen as yet another guest in a suit. This allows me to blend into the environment, to become almost invisible and document your stories.


And as all stories need a beginning, photographing the preparations is a very important part of that day.


There’s always a lot going on before, during and after the ceremony, regardless of the number of guests or venue, so I am usually close to either you or your guests, always trying to find a candid angle.


Each selected wedding photograph goes through a post processing retouching process, so that you are presented with only the very best photographs of your wedding.


I always recommend printing that story so that it can be enjoyed for generations.